woensdag 20 oktober 2010

Pronouns + Tenses

Hello all of you who read this,

This post will be about the pronouns and the tenses which I will try to incorporate into Xsaan. For the pronouns I will use one for me, you, him, her, it, we, they and you(plur.) for the tenses I will just use three kinds of them. One for the future, one for the past and one for the present. The context will tell you if it was long ago or if you will do something soon.

Me - Dohr
You - Zihe
He - Lefqa
She - Lefqe
It - Lefqh

We - Dohrzdar
They - Zihsdar
You - Lefsdar

Verb Tenses
Single = -han
Plural = -hoÿn

Single = -an
Plural = -oÿn

Single = -uar
Plural = -drat

Also do I have a suffix so that you can make a noun out of a verb. Like create - creation.
That one is -imat. So for create - creation it would be bafla - baflÿmat. Notice the a + i combination becomes an ÿ? I will tell you more about lenition in an other post because I'm pretty tired, so I'll call it a day;)

Tízavani Liftízaveret zibamoÿn


Zetín dohr zabÿan,

Welcome to my lair of languages, my name is Lars and I will keep you up to date through this blog on my conlang in progress called Xsaan.

First off will I tell you a bit about the people who speak Xsaan and something about their culture and their beliefs. Xsaan is spoken by The Tribe, refered to as Tízavani by themselves. They are a nomad desert group of people trying to survive in the harsh conditions which they have to cope with. This language is made up of normal sounds and uses a lot of hissing characters like /z/, /s/, /dz/ etc. The Tribe consists of a bunch of people who are outcasted from regular society and have been banished to the desert.

They believe that the world is created by two greater spirtis called The Djinn (They call them Liftízaveret) but unlike common believes do they not think that these Djinn balance each other. They agitate each other until one of them bursts. And the Tribe thinks that if that happens they will fall apart as a group and will form two new tribes which will have a war that only stops when one of them is eliminated.

So enough of my bad written, boring piece of folklore! On the the language =]